Hole by hole

Hole 07

Handicap: 5/6

PAR: 4

White: 412 m

Yellow: 379 m

Red: 350 m

Because of its geometry it is one of the hardest holes on the course. Lar- ge dog-leg to the left, with obstacles to both sides of the hole.

The dog-leg to the left encourages the big hitting players to execute a blind tee shot over the wall, trying to reduce the distance, assuming the risk that this entails, as the entire left side above the wall is Out of Bounds. For the average golfer there is a lake and bunker to the right of the fairway, and a bunker to the left.

The green is protected by bunkers frontally on the right side and to the left and back. The second shot is approachable to the left side of the green, as this is quite flat.